Bosch AKE 40-19 Pro Electric Chainsaw

Price: £149.95

Bosch AKE 40-19 Pro Electric Chainsaw

The Bosch AKE 40-19 PRO Electric Chainsaw has an extremely powerful 1900w motor which produces a chain speed of 13m/s for optimum cutting performance, and is ideal for frequent and demanding sawing. A comfortable grip for both sawing and felling is ensured by its ergonomic handle and steel tines, while its steel chain safety catch bolt and rapid reaction kickback brake help to maximise safety levels. Also features a three-fold chromium-coated chain which stays sharper for longer. Has a chain bar length of 40cm. Weighs 4.8kg. FREE DELIVERY NEXT WORKING DAY! BOSCH ELECTRIC CHAINSAWS HAVE A 2 YEAR MANUFACTURER’S WARRANTY.

Price: £ 149.95

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