Gardena CST-2018-LI Cordless Lithium-Ion Chainsaw (20cm Guide-Bar)

Price: £159.95

Gardena CST-2018-LI Cordless Lithium-Ion Chainsaw (20cm Guide-Bar)

Driven by a very high-powered 2.6Ah lithium-ion battery, the Gardena CST-2018-LI offers performance levels superior to those of many mains machines, but with the cordless freedom of battery power. Great for the infrequent or inexperienced user, this model is equipped with a fast-acting chain-brake for maximum safety in the event of kick-back. A tool-less chain-tensioner and an oil-reservoir window with level-indicator allow for hassle-free maintenance; and an ergonomic soft-grip handle ensures a firm, positive grip at all times. The Gardena CST-2018-LI has a 15-minute run time from one charge.

Price: £ 159.95

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