Husqvarna 317 Electric Chainsaw – 35cm Guide Bar

Price: £169

Husqvarna 317 Electric Chainsaw - 35cm Guide Bar

Reliable, safe and powerful, the Husqvarna 317 Electric Chainsaw is built to the same high-standard as their petrol saws. Its quiet-running 1700w electric motor makes it ideal for use in residential areas, while its slim, perfectly balanced body and lightweight design (just 4.4kg) combine to make it comfortable to use and very easy to handle. Other features include an inertia-type chain break, which brings the chain to a halt in less than a second in the event of kick-back; and a convenient oil-level window so you can easily keep track of how much oil is left. FREE DELIVERY 2-3 WORKING DAYS! HUSQVARNA CHAINSAWS HAVE A 1 YEAR WARRANTY FROM THE MANUFACTURER.

Price: £ 169

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