Husqvarna 339XP Petrol Chain Saw – 38cm Guide Bar

Price: £498.99

Husqvarna 339XP Petrol Chain Saw - 38cm Guide Bar

One of the lightest professional-grade tools on the market, the Husqvarna 339XP Petrol Chain-saw features a high-performance 39cc engine with rapid acceleration, making it ideal for tough felling and lopping applications. Its highly durable forged three-piece crankshaft enables it to withstand the rigours of intensive commercial use, while its comprehensive vibration-damping system reduces stress on the operator’s arms and hands, allowing for longer periods of continuous operation. Other features include Husqvarna’s unique air-injection system which removes dirt and debris from the air-stream before it reaches the carburettor, allowing you to work for longer before you need to clean the filter; and ergonomically designed handles for comfortable, controlled operation. FREE DELIVERY 2-3 WORKING DAYS! HUSQVARNA CHAINSAWS HAVE A 1 YEAR WARRANTY FOR DOMESTIC OR COMMERCIAL USE.

Price: £ 498.99

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