Husqvarna 395XPG Petrol Chainsaw

Price: £935

Husqvarna 395XPG Petrol Chainsaw

The Husqvarna 395XPG Petrol Chainsaw is part of Husqvarna’s most advanced class of saws and is fitted with a high-power, rapid acceleration engine with Smart Start, which reduces pulling force by up to 40 percent. It has a magnesium crankcase and a three-piece forged crankshaft, built to withstand the high rpm’s produced, while Husqvarna’s unique air-injection system protects the engine by cleaning the air before it reaches the carburettor, further enhancing durability. Its perfectly balanced, ergonomic design and comprehensive anti-vibration system make it both comfortable to use and easy to control for extended periods. The 395XPG also features heated handles. Engine: 2-stroke Power: 94cc Bar Lengths: 51-71cm Chain Pitch (inches): 3/8 / .404 Weight : 8.1kg

Price: £ 935

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