Mitox 5020 Petrol Chainsaw (50cm Guide Bar)

Price: £199

Mitox 5020 Petrol Chainsaw (50cm Guide Bar)

This top-of-the-range petrol chainsaw from Mitox is driven by a hugely powerful 3hp engine and comes equipped with a commercial-grade Oregon bar and chain, so it’s capable of taking-on the toughest domestic applications. The engine features a premium-quality Walbro carburettor that will cope easily with the demands placed upon it; and it incorporates a decompression-valve that lessens the resistance felt on the starter-cord. The Mitox 5020 offers a range of professional features, including an automatic chain-oiler, which ensures that both the bar and chain are kept constantly lubricated; an exceptionally fast-acting safety brake, which stops the chain just 0.1-seconds when activated (either manually, or by inertia); and a comprehensive anti-vibration system, which significantly reduces strain on the operator’s body. An aluminium crankcase provides outstanding long-term reliability. Weighs 6.5kg.

Price: £ 199

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