Echo CS-8002 Petrol Chain Saw (60CM Guide Bar)

Price: £879

Echo CS-8002 Petrol Chain Saw (60CM Guide Bar)

Offering huge amounts of power from its 80.7cc two-stroke engine, the Echo CS-8002 Petrol Chain-saw has been designed with the most demanding commercial operators in mind. This rugged, heavy-duty machine is equipped with Echo’s ‘Pro-Fire’ Step-Advanced Ignition System for consistent, reliable starting in any weather. Its convenient grouped controls, relatively lightweight build (7.5kg) and highly-effective vibration-damping system make it a great tool for intensive use; while its automatic chain-oiling function allows you to make the necessary adjustments to get the best results in woods of varying densities. Other features include a side-access chain-tensioner for quick and easy chain adjustment; and a safety-maximising inertia-type chain-brake, which stops the chain dead in the event of kick-back. FREE DELIVERY NEXT WORKING DAY! WARRANTY ON ECHO CHAIN SAWS: 5 YEARS IN PRIVATE USE, 2 YEARS IN COMMERCIAL USE.

Price: £ 879

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