Mitox 4518 Petrol Chainsaw (45cm Guide Bar)

Price: £179

Mitox 4518 Petrol Chainsaw (45cm Guide Bar)

With its more powerful 2.4hp engine and longer 45cm guide-bar, the Mitox 4518 is suitable for more demanding chainsaw applications around the yard and garden. A high-performance, high-specification machine, it’s equipped with a decompression valve for effort-free starting; and it’s supplied with premium-quality Oregon cutting-gear, so you can be confident of superior cutting-performance and a long product-life. Automatic chain-lubrication ensures wear-and-tear is kept to a minimum; while an incredibly fast-acting chain-brake allows for safe operation with little or no chance of accidental injury. Other notable features include a full anti-vibration system for reduced user-fatigue; and a Japanese Walbro carburettor for enhanced engine performance and improved dependability. Despite it powerful engine and solid build-quality, the Mitox 4518 weighs-in at just 6.5kg (including bar and chain).

Price: £ 179

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