Einhell BG-EC 1840 Electric Chain Saw (Special Offer)

Price: £74.99

Einhell BG-EC 1840 Electric Chain Saw (Special Offer)

This high quality electric chain saw from Einhell has an extremely powerful 1800 Watt motor and a faster cutting speed than any comparable model on the market. It also excels by its high efficiency and optimal work safety with features such as a cable strain relief and sturdy stop claws. The ergonomic arrangement of the handle and balanced centre point enables fatigue-free work and the large-sized 40 cm (16”) guide bar features an integrated nose sprocket to reduce power loss from friction. Other features on the Einhell BG-EC 1840 Electric Chain Saw include a gauge glass on the chain oil tank and automatic chain lubrication. LOOK>>>LOW, LOW PRICE>>SAVE £25!

Price: £ 74.99

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