Einhell BG-EC 1840 Electric Chainsaw (40cm Guide Bar)

Price: £74.99

Einhell BG-EC 1840 Electric Chainsaw (40cm Guide Bar)

Great for pruning, limbing, DIY and firewood preparation, the Einhell BG-EC 1840 Electric Chain Saw is a practical and convenient alternative to dirty, high-maintenance petrol machines. Its powerful and quiet-running 1800w electric motor won’t give you any starting problems and develops an impressive 13.5m/s cutting-speed for fast, efficient working. Ideal for inexperienced operators, this easy-to-use chain saw is packed with safety features, including a quick-stop chain-brake, which stops the chain in under a tenth of a second in the event of kick-back; and robust metal stop-claws for added stability when cutting. The Einhell BG-EC’s automatic chain-lubrication reduces wear and ensures high levels of performance are kept-up; while its lightweight construction (only 4.5kg), optimised centre-of-gravity and ergonomically positioned controls all combine to minimise operator fatigue. Mains: 230 V ~ 50 Hz Power: 1800w Bar length: 40cm (16″”) Cutting speed: 13.5m/s Oil-tank capacity (approx): 110ml Net weight: 4.5kg

Price: £ 74.99

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