Einhell BGPC-3735 Petrol Chainsaw (Special Limited Offer)

Price: £109.95

Einhell BGPC-3735 Petrol Chainsaw (Special Limited Offer)

Powered by a highly-dependable 37.2cc (1.2 kW / 1.6 HP (PS)) 2-stroke engine, the Einhell BGPC-3735 Petrol Chainsaw is a versatile tool, suitable for lopping, felling, and undergrowth clearance. Its combination of an automatic-choke, primer and electronic ignition ensures that starting is always quick and trouble-free; while vibration-damping, the lightweight ergonomic design (just 5.7kg) and optimised centre-of-gravity make the saw easy to handle and allows you to work for long periods with minimal fatigue. Other features include an automatic chain-brake, which brings the chain to a halt within a few milliseconds in the event of kick-back; a chain-catch, which minimises the chance of the chain jumping off of the cutter-rail; and automatic chain-lubrication for consistent, high-level performance. The Einhell BGPC-3735 Petrol Chainsaw has a 35cm (14″”) guide-bar and a cutting-speed of 19m/s. Other superior features include a full crank shaft for longer engine life and a large claw stop to help ensure stability and safety during cutting. This chainsaw is also fully compliant with EU Pollutants Directive 2002/88 EG (emission 2). Standard accessories supplied FREE with this chainsaw: Cutter Rail Cover, File, Mixing Bottle & 2-stroke Oil. LOOK>>>LOW, LOW PRICE>>SAVE £70! FREE DELIVERY NEXT WORKING DAY! 2 YEAR MANUFACTURER’S WARRANTY ON EINHELL CHAINSAWS.

Price: £ 109.95

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