Einhell BG-PC 4040 Petrol Chainsaw (40cm Guide Bar)

Price: £119.95

Einhell BG-PC 4040 Petrol Chainsaw (40cm Guide Bar)

A powerful semi-professional chainsaw, the Einhell BG-PC 4040 is ideal for felling, pruning and heavier-duty DIY applications. Its high-performance 40.1cc engine is equipped with an electronic ignition, choke and primer, so starting is reliable and hassle-free; while its lightweight build (7kg) and comprehensive vibration-damping work to minimise user-fatigue during long sessions. Automatic lubrication ensures the Oregon cutting-gear is kept in tip-top condition; and a fast-acting chain-brake brings the chain to a stop in a matter of milliseconds should the saw ‘kick-back’. A robust chain-catch ensures the chain cannot jump off of the rail; while a large-capacity 400ml fuel-tank will enable you to get more done between refuelling-stops.

Price: £ 119.95

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